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What is Keyword Traffic Estimator?

Keyword Traffic Estimator gives you quick and reasonable estimates for your search engine ranking and the traffic you get through a keyword.

KTE thus helps in:

  • measuring keyword search
  • achieving a top 10 keyword ranking
  • developing a keyword focused content page
  • developing a keyword registration strategy
  • performing a free keyword search analysis
  • perform a keyword market analysis, acting as a keyword registration software tool

How to work with KTE?

To get an estimate of your ranking and traffic, provide KTE with these data:

  • A keyword: you can start with any relevant keyword you can think of and finetune later on.
  • The popularity of the keyword: this is the number of times the word is searched for on the internet each month. KTE links to the Ouverture site where you can find this number.
    Tip: in the Ouverture searchbox, just press ctrl-v to paste the keyword from KTE.
  • The competition your keyword faces: this is equal to the number of pages on the internet that contain the keyword. KTE links to Google, which tells you the competition in the right corner of the page.
    Tip: if your keyword is English, also try plural combinations. For example, if your keyword is "keyword", also look for "keywords".
  • The priority you want to give the keyword: you can choose between "main", "secundary" and "tertiary". Choose "main" if you optimise your site for the keyword, "secundary" if you optimise a page for it and "tertiary" if you include it but do not optimize for it.
    If you are unsure what "optimising" is, please consult the KTE report.

Figure 1: Screenshot of KTE - calculation view.

There are a few general settings, which you do not need to change:

  • Webmaster competence: a number between 0 (beginner) and 100 (guru). Default is 50.
  • Number of visits per search: each time a surfer searches for a keyword, he will likely visit more than one page. Research show this is about 2.9 visits per search.
  • The precision of the calculation. 30 is sufficient for most purposes.

Each time you change any value, KTE will quickly recalculate both estimates: the estimated rank and the estimated traffic.

When you have found a keyword with reasonable traffic, you can ask KTE for a report with advice. If you want to upload this report to the web, be sure to upload the *.css file and the *.jpg file with it to preserve the layout. You can customize the report by changing both files.

Where can I download KTE?

KTE is a high-quality freeware tool. You can download the zipped file here. After unzipping, just start the KeywordTrafficEstimator.exe file.

KTE won't touch any other software on your system. It doesn't use the registry, nor the windows directory, nor does it change any DLL's. If you ever want to get rid of KTE, delete it and you are done.

You can distribute the unchanged zipped file on whatever media you happen to publish. The author will be grateful if you let him know.

For those who want to optimise a web site...

A few questions I keep getting asked from time to time:

Question: Is there any free software to estimate how Google will rank my web page as a whole?
Answer: yes there is. It even works for other search engines. The freeware is called IBP and you can download it here.


Question: I know that links to my page are an important factor to get traffic from search engines like Google. But how can I follow up the number of inbound links?
Answer: you can do it by hand or you can use Arelis. Especially when you try to manage inbound links from multiple locations, the latter option is the one to choose.


Question: which e-zines do you read?
Answer: I receive many, but manage to read only a few. Usually, I read the weekly Axandra newsletter, which is free and keeps me up-to-date without spamming or unnecessary details.


Is there any other interesting software?

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