Hitting the nail on the head

Nieuw: Bubbelgek, de site voor wie van bubbels houdt

April 21, 2014 By: AOM Category: Blogged, cultuur, Funstuff, Wine

Zopas gelanceerd: bubbelgek, de site voor de liefhebber van belletjes in zijn wijn. Ofwel: een Nederlandstalige website gewijd aan champagne.screenshot


Seven tips for designers of wine growers websites

April 03, 2014 By: AOM Category: website, Wine

Do you plan a new website as a wine producer? These seven tips can help you to evaluate the work of your web designer. They are written from a user perspective, i.e. the people that want to buy your wines. Most tips can be easily applied to other websites too. To the champagne houses that serve as an example of how not to do it: don’t take it personally – I like your champagne, I simply dislike your website.


Bord en spelen

March 01, 2011 By: Peter Category: Funstuff, Jeugdbeweging, website

De Romeinen kenden al het motto “Brood en Spelen”, maar voor de echte bordspelliefhebber is er nu ook Bord en Spelen.


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Looking for the right Leatherman tool?

October 16, 2010 By: Peter Category: Jeugdbeweging, Reviews

In the USA, Leatherman is immensely popular. Almost every household has one or more Leatherman multitools.


Oud-leiding chiro Lips

May 08, 2009 By: Peter Category: Jeugdbeweging, Lier, website

Zowel Sigrid als Peter zijn oud-leiders van chiro Lips. Samen met Sooi, Chris, Bruno, Emma, Albert, Mark en Myriam vormen wij het oud-leiderscomité. We organiseren een drietal activiteiten per jaar:

Stock photography for marketeers

May 07, 2009 By: Peter Category: Photography


Anyone wanting to bring their message across will find images to be invaluable. 

Stock agencies, while not a new phenomenon, can meet the wishes of marketeers, graphical designers, product managers and others by offering a wide range of photos which can easily be searched with keywords.


Review: web host Parcom

May 07, 2009 By: Peter Category: Reviews

Web hosting

For anyone wanting to have a real website, a good web host is no luxury. A web host keeps your files, provides the link with the domain name you choose, and does a variety of things to make your site a success.