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Triastorm: a generic creativity technique

December 01, 2009 By: Peter Category: Creativity

The triastorm technique in a nutshell

The goal of the Triastorm technique is to find novel ideas, to solve problems. It relies on the scientific study of problem solving, but Triastorm defines a pragmatic and simple process practictioners can use for business or everyday life, in group or individually.Triastorm quadrant

In the future, software will be made available to support the triastorm technique.



Agile ideas: USB Rocket launcher

June 12, 2009 By: Peter Category: Agile, Software

Getting a user story “done” deserves a special sign. Something that expresses the relief, the happiness of having another feature implemented.


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Agile ideas: scotch up!

June 11, 2009 By: Peter Category: Agile

Sometimes those post its just don’t stick. Anymore. Or sometimes you’d wish you could print those backlog items for your scrum project on sticky notes and stick them to the wall.