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Seven tips for designers of wine growers websites

April 03, 2014 By: AOM Category: website, Wine

Do you plan a new website as a wine producer? These seven tips can help you to evaluate the work of your web designer. They are written from a user perspective, i.e. the people that want to buy your wines. Most tips can be easily applied to other websites too. To the champagne houses that serve as an example of how not to do it: don’t take it personally – I like your champagne, I simply dislike your website.


Bookido gelanceerd – opgelet boekenliefhebbers

November 25, 2011 By: AOM Category: cultuur, Quiztig, Reviews, Software, Te Koop, Uncategorized, website

Zopas ging de website Bookido in de lucht. Onder het motto “vind en verslind” wil deze nagelnieuwe, Nederlandstalige website boekenliefhebbers en boekenverkopers dichter bij elkaar brengen.


Victoria Rose, professional and creative model

November 01, 2011 By: AOM Category: Photography, website

The model agency asked me to rate the models I worked with during a photoshoot. There were fourteen of them: some experienced, some just at the start of their career.

Victoria Rose - a victorian photo


Bord en spelen

March 01, 2011 By: Peter Category: Funstuff, Jeugdbeweging, website

De Romeinen kenden al het motto “Brood en Spelen”, maar voor de echte bordspelliefhebber is er nu ook Bord en Spelen.


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The WineStock

May 26, 2009 By: Peter Category: Photography, Tips, website

Recently, I have been taking photos of wine related subjects to offer as stock photos.

La Chapelle on the hill of the Hermitage

La Chapelle on the hill of the Hermitage



Oud-leiding chiro Lips

May 08, 2009 By: Peter Category: Jeugdbeweging, Lier, website

Zowel Sigrid als Peter zijn oud-leiders van chiro Lips. Samen met Sooi, Chris, Bruno, Emma, Albert, Mark en Myriam vormen wij het oud-leiderscomité. We organiseren een drietal activiteiten per jaar: