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Book of the week: Sublime Productivity

March 23, 2014 By: AOM Category: Agile, Software

Remember that time you had to build a whole page of HTML links from a .csv file, and you wound up copying and pasting the opening and closing anchor tags 300 times?

Sublime Productivity

Or when you transferred that list of names into an Excel spreadsheet just to sort it alphabetically?

Isn’t it a pain to hit Delete three dozen times just because you decided that you want to join the line you’re editing with the line below it?


The Agile Quizzitch

December 02, 2012 By: AOM Category: Agile, Creativity, Quiztig, Quizzitch

Welcome to the Agile Quizzitch.

You think you know a lot about Agile or maybe you are just starting with it? Check your knowledge in a fun way. Are you the first one to reach the highest level? Well congrats then….


Teach yourself Enterprise Architect in Ten Days

November 09, 2012 By: AOM Category: Agile, Software

By the end of next week…” the words of our sales representative Alyssa ran through my head.

This customer was clearly out of his mind. How could anyone, even an experienced consultant like myself, be able to build a full city map in ten days, documenting the business strategy and processes all the way down to the infrastructure architecture?


What do people pay if you leave the price to be chosen?

February 13, 2012 By: AOM Category: Agile, Software

I really appreciate Leanpub as a smart way to write and sell books.


Gonzo, another Markdown editor suited for Leanpub

February 01, 2012 By: AOM Category: Agile, Creativity, Software, Tips

What is Gonzo?

Gonzo is a freeware, opensource editor that generated markdown code and shows the html result during typing.

Agile games: the WiP card game

June 14, 2011 By: AOM Category: Agile, Creativity, Funstuff, Software

This card game can be played in itself as a cooperative card game, or it can be used to explain why limiting Work in Progress (hence, WiP card game) is a good idea to work faster and more evenly.A demonstration of the lean principle "Limit Work in Progress"


Agile techniques: use cases versus user stories

June 02, 2011 By: AOM Category: Agile, Software, Tips

“User stories are just use cases but in a different format”, the analist told me, “so why introduce a new name for a known thing?”


Agile Open Day 2: some more pictures

May 22, 2011 By: AOM Category: Agile, Blogged, Software

The Agile Open 2011 are closed, but a few pics prove that these two days were valuable and fun.


Agile Open Day 1: some pictures

May 20, 2011 By: AOM Category: Agile, Blogged, Software

A few pictures of the very succesful first day of the Agile Open 2011 in Ghent.



Agile Techniques: Fruit Estimation Poker

May 06, 2011 By: AOM Category: Agile, Software

Many agile teams use planning poker to estimate the relative size of items in their product backlog. Yet the usual planning poker with the (rounded) Fibonacci numbers can be applied the wrong way. Or better, in a suboptimal way. Fruit Estimation Poker to the rescue!