Hitting the nail on the head


Ab Origine Mundi is a Latin phrase meaning “slaughtered from the beginning of the world”. Actually, it stems from the Bible. The context is:

Agnus, qui est occisus ab origine mundi

(“The lamb, which is killed from the beginning of the world”, in a mystic way indicating Jesus Christ)

I am not a religious freak, certainly not. Yet, Sigrid and I bought a stone with this text engraved, to serve as the middle point of our garden in the new home.

So there must be something else to explain my buying of a religious object like this. Indeed, there is such an explanation.

AsĀ  many words in Latin do, “occidere” has more than one meaning. It can also mean “to put down”. So in this context, our text becomes: “Laid down at the beginning of the world”.

That is precisely the meaning we want to attach to it. It is our first stone, laid down at the beginning of our world.


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