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Gonzo, another Markdown editor suited for Leanpub

February 01, 2012 By: AOM Category: Agile, Creativity, Software, Tips

What is Gonzo?

Gonzo is a freeware, opensource editor that generated markdown code and shows the html result during typing.


  • most useful markdown codes supported in the interface
  • very simple user interface, codes also reachable with shortcuts (like ctrl+1 for heading 1)
  • relatively intelligent: if you press ctrl+2 while a level 2 heading is selected, it does not add an extra code (##) for level 2
  • shows wordcount
  • multiple open files at the same time is possible (tabbed file interface)
  • it generates markdown files that are picked up by Leanpub and produce a nicely formattedĀ ebook.


  • bulleted lists and numbered lists not supported from the interface
  • no support for tables
  • no buttons in the interface: all commands can be reached with menu items or shortcuts only
  • more complex markdown codes like images and hyperlinks are inserted as a template only; you have to fill in the blanks yourself

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