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Markdownpad for Leanpub?

January 31, 2012 By: AOM Category: Creativity, Funstuff, Reviews, Software, Tips, Uncategorized

What is Markdownpad?

Markdownpad is a freeware text editor that generates markdown code and shows the html result during typing.


Markdownpad as an editor for Leanpub files?

Markdownpad as an editor for Leanpub files?

  • most useful markdown codes are covered
  • preview shows what you probably will get after conversion to an ebook
  • no need to know the more complex markdown codes (images and hyperlinks)
  • very simple user interface
  • It actually works: the file generated leads to a well-formatted Leanpub manuscript, at least in my little test.


  • does not cover everything: for example, bulleted lists are supported but not numbered lists
  • image insertion: not possible to select a file (only relative or absolute hyperlink)
  • not “intelligent”: when you twice press H2, the markdown code for H2 (##) is also generated twice
  • not possible to link to places in the same document
  • not possible to relatively link to places in another document
  • no support for tables

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