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Shortcuts for Enterprise Architect: free download

December 18, 2010 By: Peter Category: Software

Enterprise Architect users need to remember lots of useful shortcuts in order to be able to work with the rather complex user interface efficiently. This little freeware download will help them to study, use and remember the most useful shortcuts.

EA shortcuts helpThe three sides each offer a different set of shortcuts, depending on the task the user is performing:

  • Building a model: repeat connector, repeat element, delete element from the model, apply a tagged value to elements and bookmark or unbookmark elements.
  • Consulting a model: find element in diagrams, copy current diagram to the clipboard, open the model search, open the team review window and find element in the model tree.
  • Layouting diagrams: diagram zoom, adjust element position, align elements, autospace elements horizontally and vertically.

The pyramid can be put next to the computer screen. And it’s easy to change tasks: just turn the pyramid one side and you’re done.

Download the shortcut guide to Enterprise Architect here: EA Shortcuts . Print the pdf file and get scissors and glue ready.

About the book “Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks“.

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