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Photography: Ten tips for success with ShutterStock

May 07, 2009 By: Peter Category: Photography

ShutterStock may be the best known microstock agency. For non-professional photographers, joining such a stock program might be the best way to earn some money to pay for the expensive photography gear.

This free, illustrated leaflet gives you ten tips for success with ShutterStock.


  • Tip 1 Suited for Stock?
  • Tip 2 Know your gear
  • Tip 3 Avoiding noise
  • Tip 4 An efficient workflow
  • Tip 5 Growing your gallery
  • Tip 6 Know your strengths
  • Tip 7 People sell
  • Tip 8 Finding the right words
  • Tip 9 Keeping keywords
  • Tip 10 First impressions count
  • Checklist Check this before uploading

Download the free guide ten-tips-for-success-with-shutterstock here.


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