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Canon Legria FS200 tips

May 25, 2009 By: Peter Category: Blogged, Photography, Tips

Tips for the Canon Legria FS200

Might be applicable for related cameras such as the FS20, FS21, HF S10 and other Canon camcorders.

I recently bought a Canon Legria FS200 camcorder, which is a lightweight and easy to use camcorder.

However, the software that comes with it is less easy to operate. Some tips for if the Pixela transfer utility software does not work or when you just want to transfer files via a usb card reader. In the latter case, you will find out that Pixela ImageMixer does not recognize the files – it expects mpg and the Legria produces mod files.

The files with extension “mod” are actually just mpg files. The best way of getting them to your computer is by using a flash card reader. Just take out the flash card and copy the files with explorer to your hard disk. Use any bulk renaming tool to get the file extension correct (the Vista trick of selecting multiple files and renaming them does not work for extensions). Open the files in the Pixela ImageMixer and export them to any other place on your hard disk. If the video settings are correct, the export will also correct the problem of “stretched out” movies.

Features of the Canon Legria:

  • Very compact and lightweight – fits nicely in the palm of the hand
  • Records on SD or SDHC flash cards, which are available everywhere and fairly cheap
  • Video snapshot function and dual shot mode
  • 41x zoom – sensitive zoom button so you can zoom in slowly or abruptly if needed
  • You can attach a microphone or headphones to the camcorder
  • Battery can be charged in less than half an hour

6 Comments to “Canon Legria FS200 tips”

  1. Had the exact same problem with the Canon FS20. PC would not recognize camera, even after Pixela ImageMixer which came with the camera was installed. Went out and bought a flash card and reader. Was able to get MOD file to hard drive, though still could not be viewed on WMP or Real Player or Pixela ImageMixer. Locked PC up at every attempt. When I renamed the movie.MOD to a movie.MPG, still same result. Image mixer locked up every time. The renamed .MPG file crashed my PC every time I opened the folder it was at. Had to delete the folder completely. Returning product.

  2. Same thing with the fs20. Also taking it back…

  3. Hi Peter, thanks for your help with the FS20

    I would like to know what you mean by “If the video settings are correct” because I don’t find any options available in Image Mixer.

    All my 16/9 footage came in 4/3 aspect… Is there a way to set the mod file to Anamorphic DV NTSC in image mixer prior to save the file with image mixer.

    Thanks and sorry fr my english ;-)

  4. Vido settings: it might have to do with the codec. At least, it works on my machine…

  5. Laronda Fie says:

    Great article as usual, thank you for writing so much informative content on a regular basis.

  6. There’s good news for those who had a problem with the Legria files: apparently, Windows 7 has the correct drivers on board and is able to read the mod files. Also, the problem of the stretched-out image is solved with the new operating system.


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