Murder in the Beguinage 

An interactive discovery of the historical beguinage of Lier

St Margaretastraat - Wezenhuis (St Margareth Street - Orphans House)

St Margareth Street number four Orphans house at right
St Margareth street - church view Beguinage Orphans house

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The St. Margareth Street is the main street of the beguinage. The street broadens before the church and then continues southwards to the former city wall, now a green braid around the city.

Historically, this street ended at about the place you are now. There was a big gate called De Rode Poort (The Red Gate) here.


Murder tip

"Sir, we have tracked the telephone data for the list of suspects at the time of murder. The only suspect that was using her telephone was Martha.."

"So that rules her out?" you ask, guessing the answer is 'yes'.

"Indeed, sir. One suspect less". 

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