Murder in the Beguinage 

An interactive discovery of the historical beguinage of Lier

St Margaretastraat - Wezenstraat (St Margareth Street - Orphans Street)

Orphans Street
St Margareth Street Beguinage Lier Infirmary beguinage lier

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Here, we are at the main building of the Orphan Street (Wezenstraat): the old "Infirmerie" (Infirmary), founded in the 13th century for old and ill beguines. 

Originally, the Infirmerie consisted of three separate houses. During the government of Elisabeth Heylen, they were rebuilt to form one bigger complex.

During the nineties, the Infirmerie was renovated. People of all different ages and social classes live here* (not just old or poor people, like some misinformed tourist guides will tell you). The entrance hall is used from time to time as a show room for local art.

(* with thanks to Paul Peeters)

Murder tip

It appears that the beguinage was built, rebuilt and rebuilt again during the seven centuries of its existence.

Almost every house has its quirks. Some have a very irregular surface, almost no surface is rectangular.

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